Dendrocalamus sp., Gejiu (CN) — BT1008

  • Provenance: Gejiu, southern Yunnan, China. Seeds received by Boonthammee Bamboo Garden, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, from YBN, southern China, as "Dendrocalamus 'Gejiu', 个旧龙竹 (gè jiù lóng zhú)", collected Dec. 2016 (BT1008).
  • Photos and text information in Bamboo Seeds Catalog.
  • Seed weight: 10 g ≈ 280–360 dried spikelets (bract-wrapped seeds).
  • Seed viability: Unknown, viability assumed to last at least several months.
  • Seed germination: Germination rate very low, <10% (test 170313).

Dendrocalamus sp., Gejiu (BT1008): Seeds

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