Gigantochloa wrayi (MY) — BS-0303A

  • Provenance: Baan Sammi Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand, cult., 2017. A low quantity of seeds (BS-0303A) collected by D. O., 29–30 Mar. 2017, from a single flowering plant. The plant (BS-0303) obtained from Rimba Ilmu Botanical Gardens, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, via C. S., Sep. 2009.
  • Photos: Album in flickr.
  • Description: Text information and links in Google Site.
  • Seed weight: 3.3 g ≈ 100 dried spikelets (bract-wrapped seeds).
  • Seed viability: Unknown, viability assumed to last at least several months.
  • Seed germination: 50% of the seeds germinated by 17 Apr. 2017, which is the 17th day after sowing. 56 seeds (incl. 9 albinos) out of 100 seeds germinated by 21 Apr. 2017 (test 170331).
  • Flowering: A single, over 10 m tall plant started gregarious flowering Jan./Feb. 2017. It is expected to die after flowering. More than 10% of the spikelets developed seeds.
  • Seedling development: 3 seedlings (BS-0303B, C, and D) were selected from BS-0303A (seedlings raised from 100 seeds) and potted for further observation on 23 Apr. 2017. The remaining seedlings were handed over to ธ. บ. of Boonthammee Bamboo Garden. Furthermore, an uncountable number of seedlings grow on the ground around the flowering mother plant. They are about 3–6 cm tall by mid June 2017.

Gigantochloa wrayi (BS-0303): Flowering branch

Gigantochloa wrayi (BS-0303A):  Seeds

Gigantochloa wrayi (BS-0303A): Seed bare of bracts

Gigantochloa wrayi (BS-0303A): Germinating seeds, 17th day

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