Bambusa lako — BS-0919 etc.

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  • Description: Text information and links in Google Site "Bamboos of Thailand".
  • Flowering:
    (1) Texas and Florida, USA, Dec. 2008: Flowering reported by Steve Carter and Roy Rogers (plus 2 photos), in BambooWeb Forum "Bamboo Discussions".
    (2) Florida, USA, Aug. 2009: Flowering reported by Doug Perry (plus 6 photos), response by Chris Stapleton, in Google Group "Florida Bambooing".
    (3) Queensland, Australia, Apr. 2017: Flowering reported by Barry O'Connell in Bamboo Society of Australia, fb 17 Apr. 2017, and shared in Bamboo Forum of India, fb 17 Apr. 2017.
    (4) Chiang Mai, Thailand: On 23 Apr. 2017, a small potted plant (BS-0919) received at Baan Sammi Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden from Mr. Thammarat Boonthammee, Boonthammee Bamboo Garden, Hang Dong, Chiang Mai, who in turn recently obtained this plant from a nursery in Prachin Buri, central Thailand. The plant has developed a short single flowering branch (early state of development).
  • Comments:
    (1) Flowers of Bambusa lako (ไผ่ดำติมอร์ (phai dam timor), Timor Black Bamboo) are known, seeds are unknown.
    (2) It was recorded by Chris Stapleton (l.c.) that florets of Bambusa lako have free filaments, not fused as in Gigantochloa, hence a future taxonomic transfer of Bambusa lako to genus Gigantochloa would be most unlikely.
    (3) There are no records that seeds have been produced (last Internet search carried out on 12 Apr. 2017).
    (4) There are several commercial bamboo seed suppliers who offer "Bambusa lako" seeds through the Internet including ebay and amazon, at least since 2007. Is there anybody who can provide proof of the source of these seeds, or provide photos taken from these seeds and from characters of several year old plants raised from these seeds? As far as I know (from records, plus a single experience from a seed purchase), plants raised from "Bambusa lako" seeds have turned out to be ubiquitous Dendrocalamus strictus or Bambusa bambos.

Bambusa lako: Flowers — (courtesy Doug Perry, Florida Bambooing)

Bambusa lako, flowering in Queensland, Australia
(Photo from Barry O'Connell's post in Bamboo Society of Australia, courtesy Barry O'Connell)

Bambusa lako (BS-0919):
A short flowering branch with pseudospikelets in an early stage of development
(Photo taken at Baan Sammi Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, 24 Apr. 2017)

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