Schizostachyum hainanense (CN) — BS-0106

  • Provenance: Baan Sammi Nature Resort and Bamboo Garden, Doi Saket, Chiang Mai, Thailand, cultivated. A single plant flowered. The plant (BS-0106) collected from Hainan, China, wild, by M.S., ca. 2008.
  • Photos: Album in flickr.
  • Description: Text information and links in Google Site.
  • Comments: (1) An 8 m tall plant has been sporadically flowering in 2016 and 2017, the flowering period is probably from January to June. Not a single seed was found, no seedlings were found on the ground. The sporadic flowering has not caused any harm to the plant (27 Apr. 2017). (2) The species identity as Schizostachyum hainanense has not yet been confirmed.

Schizostachyum hainanense (BS-0106): Flowers terminating a leafy branch.

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